From Yew to You


Rev. Wally Yew


Transportation Ministry

Years agoin Los Angeles, I met a brother whose ministry in church was transportation.

Once inside his BMW, I thanked him for taking time to take me to the airport. “I’m glad to do it. This is my ministry,” he replied. I was more than a little surprised. Here is a highly educated businessman who has a lovely family, nice cars, and a house in a nice neighborhood with a swimming pool. And his ministry is driving people to church and taking speakers to the airport? He certainly had plenty of things he would rather do than taking me to the airport on a Sunday afternoon.

My surprise must have registered all over my face because he continued, “I have had this ministry for many years. In fact, ever since I had my first car.” He then went on to tell me that when he was a college student, he did not have a car. He was so appreciative someone would actually take the time and trouble to pick him up. When he asked how he could repay this favor, he was told, “When you have your own car, you may want to do the same to other people.”

Not only did he do it to other people, he influenced others to do the same. He named several persons currently engaging in the ministry of transportation in a big Los Angeles church who were at one time or another his passengers. I was impressed.

Freely he has received ride, now he freely gives them. More, his riders are now giving rides. I can picture a never-ending process of riders who in turn give rides to others. The process is so simple, yet profound and productive.

As I think of the example of that brother in Los Angeles, his example encourages and reminds me to pass on what I have received freely from God, His Son Jesus Christ. Further, I should encourage others to pass Him on.

Next time, when you are giving or receiving a ride, ask yourself, “Have I pass Him on?”

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