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[Missionary Jackson Saekow]
Jackson Saekow

October 2016

Good morning!

I am glad to be back to be with friends and family again. As I am adjusting into my new schedule, I am just so grateful to be able to serve the Lord at my local church and connecting to some new churches both in The Bay Area and Southern California.

In my preaching/sharing schedules for the rest of this year, I always keep in mind how God has been so faithful in allowing me to reach out and to challenge His believers to strive more for the Gospel. Keeping in mind that I am now in my mid-50s and not getting any younger, we still have much work to do in equipping the saints for broader mission fields both here and overseas.

Back to our mission work in Thailand, both the prison/detention ministries have been going on without any interruption by God's grace. Our Trinity Youth Center have received many visitors inquiring of our works in the community while getting spiritual support through resources made possible through your supports. It has been operating for the past three years completely relying on God and your faithfulness to the Great Commission. The Lord has shown me that if I am relying on him completely, His help will always come on time. The youth center has been a blessing to not only young people but other seekers as well. My Thai coworker, Miss Nuteurn has been very busy with various activities that we have established since 2013. She has been attending classes in the Baptist Bible College via the extension program for the past year to equip herself for the future ministry. Please pray for her in this endeavor.

Here are the prayer request for next two months:

  1. For my preaching/sharing schedule into 2017 among the English speaking services for just the right messages to meet their specific needs spiritually.
  2. For my Theology classes preparation inside San Quintin's Adult Prison. To be able to teach these inmates with passion from God and to encourage them to live for God while serving time there.
  3. For our ministry in Rayong, Thailand particularly the young believers' growth in spiritual maturity and the strength to not return back to old life and detention again.
  4. For our future at TYC to be more self-reliance financially with projects that we can accomplish to support our needs.
  5. For my family and my two teens who are enrolling in universities at this time.

Thank you for your support and involvement in the Great Commission of our Lord.

Missionary Jackson Saekow