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Derek & Sindy Leung






  1. 謝謝您們為西文班代禱,我們有好的配搭,不少同學都認真學習並且出席穩定;更感恩的是,同學普遍對教會和福音信息有良好反應。請繼續為我們個別關顧和跟進禱告。
  2. 在3月16日有哥斯達黎加短宣隊來幫助教會,主要負責帶領兒童假期聖經活動(3月19-22日)並生活營兒童活動(3月27-28日)。感恩,美國中信總幹事姜武城牧師為今年的生活營講員。請為這些活動的籌備和報名禱告,願聖靈在我們當中動工!
  3. 請繼續為我們的媽媽禱告,特別記念她們的身體健康。她們分別都被不同的老年毛病困擾,求主憐憫,減少她們的不適情況。


February 2018

Dear mission partners:

Happy Chinese New Year! We would like to show our appreciation to all of you and your prayer support!

We do need your prayers, it was about two months ago, Derek’s blood pressures was very unstable, went up and down; moreover, he also got tired very easily. According to all the symptoms and some medical professional consultations from different places, Derek suspected he had possibility of heart problem. He was referred to see a cardiologist who was in vacation; the earliest doctor appointment was scheduled on January 8, 2018. As time went by, Derek was getting better. On January 8, 2018, Derek went to see the cardiologist, all the checkup results were normal, no problem was found. The doctor said no further examination is needed. Without doctor’s referral, it is impossible to process further checkups。Therefore, as Derek is planning to go back to Hong Kong in May for family visitation; he will take the opportunity for further body check. Anyway, praise God for His mercy that Derek is getting better with less lower back pain nowadays; please pray for Derek’s health.

Thank God we had chance to receive the first short term mission team, coordinated by CCM USA, in 2018. Other than visitation, the main task for them was to host a Chinese New Year Celebration Night program on February 6, 2018. However, it was raining all day long. We kept on praying for the weather. It was so amazing that an hour before the activity, the rain stopped for a bit, people started to come, it turned out about 50 persons showed up, over 70% of them are new to church; included short term mission team and us, over 60 people all together for the celebration. Everyone was so happy and excited about the program. After the arrival of all the guests, it rained heavily, by the time the celebration was over, it rained lightly. We praise our Lord for His wonderful work. Please pray for all the follow ups.

Prayer requests:

  1. Regarding to our Spanish classes, thanks for your prayers, we have good team work; most students are serious about their learning with steady attendance. Furthermore, a lot of them have positive attitude toward church and gospel message. Please continue to pray for our follow up on them.
  2. A short term mission team from Costa Rica will be here in March 16 for a VBS (March 19-22) program and a children program for our camp (March 27-28); moreover, thank God our CCM General Secretary Rev Chiang will be our camp speaker, please pray for all the coordination and registration of VBS as well as the camp. Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst.
  3. Please continue to pray for the health of our mothers as they are getting more aging problems.

Thank you very much for your prayers and love.

Derek and Sindy

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