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Derek & Sindy Leung







  1. 教會計劃在2018年1月中旬開辦一個為期八週的西班牙文課程,盼望藉此接觸僑胞並協助他們克服語言障礙,也能與他們分享福音。請記念報名、老師們的配搭及學生的穩定出席,並為學生們對福音有積極反應禱告。
  2. 健民的媽媽過去數星期身體出現不同的毛病,例如腸胃炎和腰骨痛等等,體重也下降了;慧嫦的媽媽則因年長退化引致膝痛和全身骨痛,求主憐憫兩位媽媽,幫助她們,加恩加力給她們。
  3. 請繼續為健民的背痛禱告,他正等候檢查報告結果。


December 2017

Dear prayer partners:

As it is the season to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we would like to send our Christmas greetings to you from Ecuador, may all of you have a blessed Christmas and happy New Year!

In the past three weeks, we have gone through four earthquakes which were over 5.0 magnitudes. On November 17, 2017, we had two most felt earthquakes on the same day, one was in the morning, 6.2 magnitudes with its epicenter in Guayaquil, and another one was at night, 5.8 magnitudes, centered in Balao. Thank God for His protection, not much damages so far. More quakes are expected, we have to prepare all the time.

On the other hand, we are so thankful for the children ministry training provided by a sister came all the way from Los Angeles, California, and stayed here for two and half weeks. Our children Sunday school teachers appreciate such training that they are able to apply what they learn. Moreover, led by the sister, we also had chance to hold a children gospel program which was able to reaching out to 16 children. Although it is not easy to develop children ministry at this point, we are confirmed that it is essential to do so no matter what. Please pray for wisdom and patience needed for ministering to children. We are following up those children who joined the gospel children program; please also pray that those parents are willing to take their children to church.

By God’s grace, the US doctor, who could not come to Guayaquil in September due to the hurricane in the East Coast, arrived here to provide medical service for a few days, December 10-12, to the Chinese community. Praise the Lord for the service which was able to reach out to many old and new friends. May our Lord return His blessings to the doctor and please pray for our follow up work.

Prayer requests:

  1. In order to reach out to the Chinese community, the church is planning to start an 8 weeks Spanish course in mid-January, 2018, please pray for the registration, the team work of teachers, and the steady attendance of students. Pray for positive response to gospel message from students.
  2. Derek’s mother has been not feeling well in the past few weeks, from stomach flu to lower back pain, she lost much weight; Sindy’s mother has keens pain and body aches due to age for a while, please remember both of them in prayers for better health.
  3. Please continue to remember Derek’s lower back pain; he is waiting for the result of an examination.

Thank you very much for your prayers and support! May the love and grace from our Lord be with you all.

Derek and Sindy

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