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[Missionary Wen Yi Ho]
Wen Yi Ho (Local Mission Worker)

工場﹕泰國 Thailand
差會﹕美國中信 CCMUSA


Wen Yi lost her parents since her childhood and was brought up by her uncle and aunt, a dedicated missionary couple. Because of the cross-cultural environment and dedicated service of her uncle and aunt, Wen Yi responded to God’s call to full-time ministry after receiving baptism at 13. After graduating from high school, in view of the urgent need of Northern Thailand ministry, she left her work and entered seminary to equip herself. In 1996, she began serving in children’s and other ministries in church. In 2005, God led her to Canada to further her study. She graduated in May 2010 and returned to the Chiang Khong Christian Education Center in Northern Thailand. Currently, she is the associate director. In 2011, she became a CCM local missionary. Her vision is to share the Gospel with her neighbors, villages, and all Thai people who believe in Buddhism.