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[Missionary Siuwan Dorcas Ma Ho]
Ho Ma Siuwan Dorcas

工場﹕泰國 Thailand
母會﹕基督之家(第五家) The Home of Christ, Cupertino, CA
差會﹕美國中信 CCMUSA


  • 頌讚學生宿舍(1994年5月成立)
    • 目標:認識真理,作主門徒。
    • 持定每日以神的話為一日的開始,以聖經為生活的指標。現有學生34人。
    • 多年來蒙神帶領,很多學生信主,且得著造就,中心現有八位同工曾是宿舍的學生。
  • 基督教永通浸信會(1995年3月成立)
    • 主日崇拜:現有七十多人,大部份是學生及同工。
    • 青少年團:五十多人–政府回所中學及晨光學校學生。
    • 兒童事工挪亞團契:週六上午八時至十一時,現有一百人。
  • 基督教晨光學校(1998年5月成立)
    • 經訓:教養孩童,使他走當行的道,就是到老他也不偏離。(箴言22章6節)
    • 校訓:認識真理,勤學立德。
    • 靠著主的恩典設立一所屬於基督的學校,按著聖經的教訓,認識真理,勤學立德,靈命與知識同時增長,成為身心靈健全的人,將來能見証主影響社區的人。
    • 實踐:敬畏耶和華是智慧的開諯,教職員每日工作前,先一同研讀神的話,敬拜禱告,學生上課前先背誦神的話及禱告,除了每班有聖經課程及每週有分級崇拜外,午飯後有信仰小組,學生自由參加。
    • 現有幼稚園兩班、小學六班及初中三班共有學生365人;教職員20人。
    • 基督教晨光學,為了讓更多孩童能接受優質基督教教育又配合政府實施九年免費教育,從2005年憑信心實行免收學費,當年政府支助約百份之五十,其餘的仰望神的供應,感謝主,從2009年11月開始,我們得到政府全費資助和幼稚園及小學學生有免費午餐供應。
  • 恩慈之家(2006年11月12日成立)
    • 培植孤兒、認識真理、作主門徒、榮神益人。
    • 現有十二位孩童。七女五男,二位就讀小學,六位是初中生,三位高中,一位大學。
    • 目標:培植他們為福音之接棒人。

Mrs. Siuwan Dorcas Ma Ho and her husband Rev. Santisatitpong (went home to the Lord in 2014) had ministered to the Chinese and Thais in Northern Thailand's villages for many years, and they had planted several churches among them. They joined CCM in 1991, and they established the Chiang Khong Christian Education Center (CCEC) in 1994. Through mission in education they responded to Jesus' Great Commission: "Make disciples of all nations." The work of CCEC are divided into four areas:

  • Keetaleela Dorm (Established in May 1994)
    • Goal: To know truth and become a disciple of Christ.
    • To start the day with the word of God, and to have the Bible as the guidelines for one’s daily life. There are currently 34 students.
    • God has led many students to Him during these past years. Their lives were built up by God. There are currently eight staff who were former students at the dorm.
  • Wiang Thong Baptist Church (Established in March 1995)
    • Sunday Worship: Attended by over 70 people. Most of them are students and staff.
    • Youth Fellowship: Attended by over 50 people who are students at a nearby government high school and the Sangpratheep School.
    • Noah Fellowship of the Children Ministry: 8am – 11am on Saturday with 100 attendants.
  • Christian Sangpratheep School (Established in May 1998)
    • Motto from the Bible: Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. (Proverbs 22:6)
    • School Motto: To know the truth, and become a student of diligence and virtue.
    • By the grace of the Lord a Christian school was founded based upon the principles of the Scripture. It emphasizes on knowing the truth, diligence and virtue. Spiritual life and knowledge are to grow together. Attention is given to building up the body, mind and soul of students, so that they can become witness for the Lord and affect those in the community.
    • Action: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Every morning before work the teaching staff gather together and study the word of God, worship and pray. Before the classes begin the students recite the word of God and pray. In addition to Bible classes and weekly worship sessions for each grade, small groups are held to further allow students to explore faith. Students are free to participate.
    • Two kindergarten classes, six class in primary school, and 3 secondatry school classes. 365 students and 20 teaching staff total.
    • In order to allow more children the opportunity to receive quality Christian education and to follow the government policy of nine-year free education, students were exempted from school fees beginning 2005. The school received 50% of funds from the government, while the rest is dependent upon provision from God. Thank God that in November 2009 we were approved for full funding from the government, with free lunch for the kindergarten and primary students.
  • Ban Mitathorn Children's Home (Established on November 12, 2006)
    • To equip orphans with truth so that they become disciples of the Lord, thus bringing glory to God and edifying others.
    • There are currently twelve children. Seven girls and five boys. Two of them are students at the primary school, while six others are in junior high, three in high school, and one in university.
    • Goal: To nurture them to become recipients of the gospel.