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[Missionary Siuwan Dorcas Ma Ho]
Mrs. Santisatitpong

工場﹕泰國 Thailand
母會﹕基督之家(第五家) The Home of Christ, Cupertino, CA
差會﹕美國中信 CCMUSA






Rev. and Mrs. Santisatitpong have ministered in Northern Thailand for many years and established the Chiang Khong Christian Education Center. Through education they responded to Jesus' Great Commission. Rev. Santisatitpong went to the Lord in 2014 and Mrs. Santisatitpong has led a team to continue the works in four areas:

1. Praise Hostel: It provides a dormitory for the poor students in the mountain region. They nurture them to be Christ's disciples.

2. Church Planting: Besides Sunday worship, other ministries include student fellowship and family Bible study.

3. Christian School: In order to plant churches with solid foundation in Thai villages, they started the children ministry.

4. Children's Home: The orphanage have children from middle school to college. The goal is to nurture them to become Christ’s disciples.