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[Supportive Mission Worker Jackson Saekow]
Jackson Saekow (Supportive Mission Worker)

工場﹕泰國 Thailand
母會﹕Thai-Lao Baptist Church of San Rafael
差會﹕美國中信 CCMUSA


Elder Jackson is a Thailand-born Chinese. He accepted the Lord in Bangkok at age 14, immigrated to the U.S. with his family at 18, and became a registered nurse at 28. In 2006 he went to Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary to prepare for future service for the Lord. Jackson joined CCM in 2013 as a supportive mission worker. Through Christian Prison Ministry Foundation (CPMF) of Thailand in Bangkok, he can visit several prisons in and around Bangkok. In addition to serving CPMF in Bangkok, Jackson started Trinity Youth Center in Rayong province which is a 2-hour drive from Bangkok. He held an English training camp in a vocational college as a bridge to bring students to a youth center where he led Bible study and preached the Gospel to young adults. Jackson and his wife Carolina have a son and a daughter.