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Chinese Christian Missiion - Missionary Jeniffer Kwok

[Missionary Jennifer Kwok]
Jennifer Kwok

工場﹕澳門 Macau
母會﹕三藩市華人宣道會 San Francisco Chinese Alliance Church
差會﹕美國中信 CCMUSA


Jennifer joined CCM's short-term missions to Macau in 1991. She was deeply moved when she saw the great needs of the field and the lack of workers. Subsequently, she joined CCM in 1993 as a missionary to Macau. She served in the Tutoring Centre of the C&MA's Tai Sun Church in charge of the youth ministry. Student services were provided to reach the students and parents. From 2010, she became the Center-in-charge of the Simpson Education Centre which was a new ministry of the Hong Kong Alliance Mission to help high school dropouts back to the school. Jennifer was diagnosed with cancer in July 2011. After surgery and treatment, she recovered and returned to Macau to serve.