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Fernando Chiu

工場﹕委內瑞拉 Venezuela
差會﹕美國中信 CCMUSA

趙振光傳道是美國中信駐委內瑞拉的當地宣教同工。趙傳道出生於中國廣東省,8歲時跟隨父母移居委內瑞拉首都加拉加斯,於1992年受浸。趙傳道在加拉加斯福音神學院 (Evangelical Seminary of Caracas) 接受裝備,於2016年回應神的呼召,結束生意,全時間奉獻為神所用。趙傳道會接待及帶領中信的短宣隊,參與中信的宣教的事工,定期探訪,推動華人福音及第二代華人青年差傳事工。亦會牧養華人基督教主恩堂的福音事工,趙傳道夫婦倆人都能說西班牙語及流利的粵語,明白委內瑞拉的中西文化,共育有3名子女。

Pastor Fernando Chiu is a local mission worker in Venezuela for CCM USA. He was born in Guangdong, China. At the age of 8, his family immigrated to Caracas, Venezuela and he was baptized in 1992. Pastor Chiu received training in the Evangelical Seminary of Caracas. In 2016, Pastor Chiu answered God’s call and closed his business to be a full-time minister. He assists and leads CCM’s short term missions teams and regularly visits and nurtures Chinese ministry and mobilizes mission ministry to the second-generation Chinese. He is also a minister in Lord’s Grace Church of Caracas. Pastor Chiu is married to Menye, a Venezuela-born Chinese. Both of them can speak Spanish and Chinese and understand Venezuelan and Chinese culture. They have 3 children.