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[Missionary Derek & Sindy Leung]
Derek & Sindy Leung

工場﹕香港 (2012-2014) Hong Kong (2011-2014)
母會﹕健民 – 基督教會加利利堂 (香港)
母會﹕慧嫦 – 洛杉磯華人神召會 (美國)

差會﹕美國中信 CCMUSA

慧嫦於一九九一年參加中信,被差往香港與工業福音團契同工,參與藍領的福音及培訓事工。直到一九九七年,慧嫦清楚神的引導,到中美洲哥斯達黎加,在當地一間華人教會事奉,以查經小組及福音外展事工服事當地華人群體。二零零六年六月慧嫦與梁健民宣教士結婚,一同分擔服事中南美洲華人的宣教異象;針對拉丁美洲的需要。 他們用兩年時間在香港學習以家庭為本的戒賭事工模式,作事奉的裝備,於二零零八年重回哥斯達黎加實踐在香港所學,發展適切中南美洲的華人福音戒賭事工。他們在二零一一年一月到委內瑞拉麻埠開展華人戒賭福音事工並牧養當地幼小的華人教會,後因申請居留問題,被迫徹離委內瑞拉工場 。同年十一月份夫婦兩人返回香港,健民停薪留職進修道學碩士課程,慧嫦則進深學習賭徒家人事工, 計劃接受裝備後,可重返拉丁美洲事奉。


Sindy joined CCM in 1991, and she was sent to Hong Kong to work with the Industrial Evangelistic Fellowship. She was responsible for the evangelism and training ministries for the blue-collars. In 1997 after earnestly seeking the Lord's guidance, Sindy committed herself to Costa Rica for a second term. She actively worked with a local church reaching the Chinese through small group Bible study and outreach programs. In June 2006 Sindy married missionary Derek Leung, and they shared the same burden of ministering to the Chinese in Latin America. In response to the felt needs in Latin America, they took two years of training in Chinese gambler rehabilitation ministry in Hong Kong, then returned to Costa Rica in 2008 to apply the learned model with modification to fit in Chinese in Latin America. In January 2011, they headed to Maracaibo, Venezuela to develop the rehabilitation ministry for Chinese gamblers and pastor small local Chinese church there. However, due to visa problem, they were forced to leave Venezuela later. In November, they went back to Hong Kong, Derek takes study leave for Mater of Divinity program, and Sindy gets training in the ministry for family members of gamblers. Hope to go back to Latin America later.

Derek accepted Christ in junior high, and he decided to go into fulltime ministry by becoming a missionary in senior high. He was clear that he would serve in Latin America when he was attending college in Taiwan. After graduation he worked several years in Hong Kong and then entered a seminary to study. In 2001 Derek was sent as a missionary to South America. He joined CCMUSA after five years of service and learning in the field.