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[Missionary Derek & Sindy Leung]
Derek & Sindy Leung

工場﹕厄瓜多爾 Ecuador
母會﹕慧嫦 – 洛杉磯華人神召會 (美國)
差會﹕美國中信 CCMUSA


Sindy joined CCM in 1991 and was sent to work with the Industrial Evangelistic Fellowship (IEF) in Hong Kong. In 1997 Sindy committed herself to serve in Costa Rica. In June 2006 Sindy married missionary Derek Leung and they spent two years in Hong Kong to equip themselves in gambler rehabilitation ministry before returning to Costa Rica at the end of 2008. In early 2011 they were sent to Venezuela to establish the Gamblers’ Rehabilitation Program among the Chinese churches. Due to visa problem they left Venezuela and returned to Hong Kong. Derek furthered his seminary study and served in a church while Sindy had more training in gamblers’ family ministry. They started to partner with IEF Macau in gambler rehabilitation ministry in 2014. Due to an increase of Chinese immigrants and a lack of ministers in Central and South America, they answered the call from Ecuador where they work on nurturing and outreach ministries in a local church.