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Why is CCM unique as a missionary sending agency?
  • After more than forty years in the Lord's service, CCM has developed multiple ministries that work hand in hand to reach the Chinese worldwide.
  • CCM is an organization of the churches. She exists to serve the churches, and she is widely recognized and supported by the churches.
  • CCM is an organization of the Christians. Participation, prayer, and financial support of Christians worldwide have carried CCM through crises after crises to make her what she is today.
Why does CCM concentrate in reaching the Chinese?
  • CCM is reaching the Chinese to reach the world, and CCM does not stop at reaching the Chinese. In fact we are beginning to see the development of Spanish speaking congregation in Costa Rica, and the evangelistic work to the local people in Northern Thailand.
  • There are advantages to reach the Chinese first. Regardless of the cultural and background differences, missionaries are naturally identified with the same ethnic group abroad and vice versa.
  • The shear number of Chinese in the world makes them a people which cannot be ignored.
Are there different kind of missionaries?
  • Career Missionary: Directly serving in evangelism, pioneer work, church planting, training etc.
  • Tent Maker: Enter the field with a professional status but with the goal of evangelism and church planting.
  • Local Missionary: Local worker recruited to join the CCM team and to serve with the missionary in the field.
  • Short Term Missionary: Devoted to serve full time in the field for one to two years.
How can I become a CCM missionary?
  • Consult with your pastor, and get the confirmation and support of your church.
  • Begin your application process by submitting a Preliminary Application Form.
How can I support a missionary?
  • Learn about the missionary and his/her needs so that you can pray for him/her timely and effectively.
  • Regularly report to your fellowship or your church about the missionary.
  • Use the Missionary Support Promise form to pledge your financial support for the missionary.
As your missions partner, how can I help?
  • Check out a display package from CCM to promote our missionaries and ministries in your mission conference.
  • Refer potential missionary candidates to CCM.
  • Refer your friends to this Web site.
How do I join the short-term mission of CCMUSA?
  • Seek counsel from your pastor.
  • Pray to the Lord and think through why you want to do it.
  • Select the team you want to join and send in you application form.