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Become Like Little Children

There is a verse from the Bible that frequently pops into my head. In the book of Matthew 18:3, Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, unless you become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” In many ways, God has used my own children to reveal to me what He might have meant when Jesus spokeof becoming like little children.

For example, this verse recently struck me in a very unique way while I was dropping my kids off at their children’s program at church. No matter how excited my kids are about the things they will do and learn during their programs, as we walk up to the door of the children’s program, I will start to hear, “Daddy, but I want to stay with you all the time.” The little hand I’m holding will clutch mine tighter, and sometimes it will turn into a situation of my child outrightly grasping my whole leg with all four of their limbs and refusing to let go. Then when they are finally put into the program, the crying and wailing can be heard for minutes before they can be calmed down. Those of us who have kids are well familiar with this kind of separation anxiety. Then the question hit me, “Do I have this kind of anxiety when I’m separated from my heavenly Father?” Does it bother me even an ounce of that proportion when I stray from His side? When I’m far apart from God in my heart, does my soul cry and wail for His r urn? When I’m slipping away from His way and straying in my life, do I clutch His hand more and more firmly? Do I grab onto Him for dear life with all four limbs and refuse to let go?


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