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2 Drunks & a Praying Wife

When I first met Roger Drye, he was as messed up as I was. But he had a praying wife who was a Christian—and prayer changes things. Thank God for praying wives!

A Self-Image Problem

I was born into a typical, though slightly dysfunctional family, in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1954. In early life, and as I was growing up, for some reason I had an extremely poor self-image. I’ve often wondered why this was so as I lived in a loving home with really good parents. None-the-less, my terrible self-image resulted in my always being an underachiever.

I was weak at sports, barely passed from one grade to the next in school, gave up on music lessons, was unsuccessful in dating and social relationships, and was generally a negative, unhappy person. My friends were mostly underachievers, too, and even though I had a full scholarship to the University of Louisville because my mother worked there, I dropped out and started wandering around the country. I got involved in one job or venture after another, always thinking I could make a lot of money on just my wits—but it never happened.

Rev. Thomas Wang, founder of CCM, finished his race on earth and went home to be with the Lord on Jan. 4, 2018. Please pray for Mrs. Wang, their family and friends during this time of mourning for the physical separation.   Memorial service by CCM worldwide>>


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