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General Secretary
Rev. Samuel Chiang

The Lord sent Rev. Samuel Chiang to CCM as the new General Secretary, and he began his service on July 1, 2009.

For the past 20 years, Rev. Chiang has been serving as the senior pastor of the Jireh Church in New Jersey. He founded this church with eight families and has seen it grows to about 400 people today. Prior to his pastoral ministry, Pastor Chiang served for 12 years at the China Evangelical Seminary in Taiwan in the area of administration, and was responsible for planning and general affair. If desire to invite Rev. Chiang to be the preacher in the worship or other gathering, please contact CCM at 707-762-1314. Rev. Chiang's native language is Mandarin.

February 2018

Dear Friends of CCM,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you in Christ a Happy Chinese New Year!

I still remember back in the beginning of 2017, in view of the political corruption, economic collapse, the devaluation of the currency and the shortage of supplies in Venezuela, we launched a support operation, through our missionary in Venezuela and worked closely with seven local churches. Recently we receive responses from them. Here are several we would like to share with you:

“We received the donation from CCMUSA to the Chinese Church of Venezuela. First, we assisted a brother of the church who has been stricken with leukemia and currently is undergoing chemotherapy. Second, we purchased food and medicines to be given away at a nursing home.” –Iglesia Bautista China De Caracas

“As the Venezuelan economy worsens, medicine and food are scarce and people are suffering from hardship. We thank you for your prayer and financial support. We have set aside a portion of the fund to help a Spanish pastor who needed heart surgery at the time. ” – Iglesia Evangelica China La Cruz

“Thank you for your financial assistance during Venezuela’s economic difficulties. We helped a Christian lady for her kidney dialysis and the purchase of medicines, and Sister Zhao for her cancer chemotherapy and medications. We also funded a local Spanish church in their outreach ministry.” – Iglesia 4C de Maracay

CCM continues to provide scholarships to support 20 Chinese seminarians. Here are two letters to share with you:

“This is my final year of studies in the seminary. During internship in the church, I worried that when serving in the future, I may not be able to do well in shepherding the Lord’s church. Please remember me in your prayers.”

“After three months of practice I have learned a lot. During internship, I was a small group leader responsible for contacting the pastor and planning for the team members’ ministries, I thank God for teaching me this lesson. Every time when we were sent out to serve, God was with us and kept us, so we could truly serve with peace and joy.”

Thank you for your faithful intercession and generous donations. May our faithful God reward you with abundant blessings, and that you will be fruitful and fulfilled in all things!

May God’s overflowing grace be with you!

Your Co-worker In Christ,

Rev. Samuel Chiang
General Secretary