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General Secretary
Rev. Samuel Chiang

The Lord sent Rev. Samuel Chiang to CCM as the new General Secretary, and he began his service on July 1, 2009.

For the past 20 years, Rev. Chiang has been serving as the senior pastor of the Jireh Church in New Jersey. He founded this church with eight families and has seen it grows to about 400 people today. Prior to his pastoral ministry, Pastor Chiang served for 12 years at the China Evangelical Seminary in Taiwan in the area of administration, and was responsible for planning and general affair. If desire to invite Rev. Chiang to be the preacher in the worship or other gathering, please contact CCM at 707-762-1314. Rev. Chiang's native language is Mandarin.

November 2018

Dear Friends of CCM,

Greetings in the season of Thanksgiving!

On August 20–22, our volunteers, instructors, and students at CCM Milpitas Gospel Center participated in a 3-day retreat. Dr. Abraham Law, the senior advisor to CCM Board, was the speaker. The retreat was a success as the participants got to know one another better, and they all felt uplifted spiritually. The lease of our center is expiring soon, leaving us to look for a new location. An ideal place would be in towns along Interstate 880, such as Milpitas, Fremont, Newark, Union City, San Leandro, etc. May God grant us a good strategic spot to continue evangelism ministry.

The China Ministry coworkers serving the minority tribes had tight schedules this August and September. With families, they drove through muddy roads, falling rocks, landslides, and other major road obstacles to reach various tribes. They visited Brother Xi, and studied the word of God with him and prayed for his family, also visited Brother Luo. On the way the oil tray at the car bottom was found damaged by the rocks. After spending hours under the scorching sun, they got the car fixed. Thanks to the Lord’s protection. As they drove by a missionary cemetery, they stopped to ponder on the good testimonies that the overseas missionaries had passed down -- an encouraging force for us to keep on being God’s faithful servants.

Brother Fernando Chiu, our mission worker in Venezuela, earnestly asks you to pray for the young people there. In light of the political and economic crises in Venezuela, the young people feel trapped in life, helpless and hopeless about their future. Some of them became illegal workers in the neighboring countries. May God keep them from falling into sinful snares when living away from home. Brother Chiu is also the President of the Venezuela Chinese Christian Alliance. May God give him wisdom to lead and serve the churches so they can collaborate in a united front to honor God.

Missionary Siuwan Ma who had served at Chiangkhong Christian Education Center in Northern Thailand will retire at the end of the year due to her health condition. She will remain in the field to serve as the mentor of the coworkers. She will oversee short term missions. CCM will continue to support her financially on a two-year basis.

In this season of Thanksgiving, may God bless you abundantly and provide all that you need, so that you could do more good work. May glory be to God.

Your coworker in Christ,

Samuel Chiang (Rev.)
General Secretary