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Rev. Samuel Chiang

November, 2017

Dear Friends of CCM: We send you greetings in the Lord!

For our recent important ministries in the 6 CCM Gospel Centers, we wish to thank our Lord during this Thanksgiving season:

San Francisco Gospel Center ministry - The largest number of people we were able to reach were at the Food Bank. So far we have served 8,147 people and we were awarded #2 in Service to the Chinese Community. Through various classes and community services we have led 30 people to Christ.

Seattle Gospel Center - Celebrated their 20th anniversary with a thanksgiving dinner, about 240 people attended. Besides children and adult ministries sharing, and Cantonese Opera singing, CCM Board Consultant, Dr. Abraham Law, shared the need of the existence of our Gospel Center, the community role it has played, and the relationship it has established with the local churches. He also witnessed to God’s amazing work in our 6 Gospel Centers.

Hawaii Gospel Center - Outreach ministry continues in small group learning. So far this year we were able to attract more than 100 new friends. The community service is the most popular ministry.

South Bay Gospel Center - Conducted a five-day “Summer Fun Children’s Camp”. A pastor’s wife and Seminary students came to teach the children about God’s words, hymns of praise, handicrafts, and creative games. The children had a fun week here.

Houston Gospel Center - The August Hurricane Harvey almost drowned Houston. By the Lord’s protection, our Gospel Center was not impacted, but many of our volunteers and students became victims of the floods. We helped the affected families, offering any possible assistance and we prayed very hard for them.

Milpitas Gospel Center – Although we had limitations such as lack of public transportation, with the presence of the Lord, the Center is becoming more solid. Community services and interest groups are becoming more diversified. Besides the existing activities, we have added more classes and a new Emotional Counseling service with good response. To equip our volunteers, we have added a Wednesday night advanced Bible study class.

Thank you again for the care, support and prayers for CCM ministry!

May you all be filled with the Lord’s Blessings!

Your co-worker in Christ,

Samuel Chiang (Rev.)
General Secretary