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Rev. Samuel Chiang

June 2018

Dear Friends of CCM, Greetings in the Lord!

Our coworkers travelled through provinces in China sent us these messages: In the trip just ended, we held training classes at the house church in North East for 4 days on “Spiritual Formation”, then taught at Shanghai for a weekend and taught in Bible school and trained church leader for three weeks in the North East. The coworker who conducted discipleship training in the last season, focus on central China, assisted churches to start cell group meeting, trained small group leaders, divided groups to do visitation and enhance spiritual growth. Coworkers who worked on the minority ethic groups, visited a few villages, and brought their needs to churches, and challenged brothers and sister to serve the Lord.

Readers in China responded to us that they could not visit CCM’s website. The current situation becomes more serious. Therefore our IT Dept. set up a new website ( to serve them better. CCM web video most popular is “Medical Workshop” provided by our SF Gospel Center. Apps for Chinese Today, Proclaim and “CCM Devotion” are updated regularly. We welcome you to use and recommend them to others.

Through internet and social media development, CCM Literature Dept. has added two Weixin accounts: “Transform Life” which is short devotion message, and “Light for Path” for other articles. CCM Publishers follow the trend, to give out free books and Gospel tracts. Our literature department shared the need for volunteers and we are thankful that many responded to support. May God richly bless them.

SF Gospel Center held the 24th personal evangelism training classes through 14 consecutive weekends (January 24 to April 21). There were 22 students from14 churches attended. Classes included technique and practice. CCM joined the Chinatown Spring Festival New Year activities on February 24th and 25th. Our students shared the Gospels while the participants were waiting in line to play games. In two days we distributed 4,500 gifts (including Chinese Today magazine and Gospel tracts).

CCM missionary Pastor Desmond Ma who is stationed in Belize, is looking for a place for Sunday service which also can be used for starting the youth ministry. In Northern Thailand, Missionary Siu Wan Ma and local coworker Wen Yi Ho informed us that the Northern Thailand High School Building dedication and Morning Light School 20th anniversary celebration was held on April 4, 2018. On April 8th the church held a Gospel Sunday. Coworkers visited family by family and invited community seniors to come. From April 30 to May 2, a coworkers retreat was held. Derek Leung and Sindy Chow missionary couple had obtained Ecuador Government approved local ID, it helps them to rent a house, to open a bank account, and to get a driver license, so they can focus on their Gospel ministry.

We will hold a Wellness Camp: “My Lamp needs Oil”. It will be held on September 10 to 12, 2018 at Town & Country Resort Hotel (San Diego, CA). We welcome pastors and coworkers to visit CCM website for information and registration.

Thanks be to our Lord for leading CCM to share the Gospel so that this mission will continue to move forward. Thank you for your continuous care and love. I ask you to continue to pray for us and support us financially generously.

May God richly bless you.

Your co-worker in Christ,

Samuel Chiang (Rev.)
General Secretary