CCM Prayer News (January-February 2018)

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Peru Short-Term Mission: Lima restaurant visits.
Peru Short-Term Mission in Lima Chinatown: Handing out gospel tracts.
Milpitas Gospel Center: Coffee café.
Milpitas Gospel Center: Medical lectures.
Milpitas Gospel Center: Restaurant workers' fellowship time.

Foreign Missions - Lima, Peru Short-term Mission: 9/15-9/25/17

Pastor Leslie Wong led a team of 7 people from Tri Valley Chinese Bible Church on a short term mission to Lima, Peru in 2017. Their activities included morning devotions, Bible readings and prayers, handing out gospel tracts on the streets, visiting restaurants, organized and participated in mid-night restaurant workers fellowship. There is an estimate of about 8,000 Chinese restaurants in Lima of which we have visited close to 80. The majority of people we met were either without religion or idol worshipers. They expressed a feeling of helplessness, disheartenment and anxiety in life, but the Christian friends we met were quite different. They expressed heart felt joy and peace because they walk with God. Their lives are filled with hope. We are happy to hear that a church is being planted south of Lima; this is a great opportunity for local churches and the churches of North America to reach the restaurant workers in Lima with the gospel. We pray that God will send more short-term mission teams to support the local Chinese churches and the restaurant ministry.

2018 Short-term Mission Schedule

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Home Missions - Milpitas CCM Gospel Center

In this past July the Milpitas Gospel Center invited a gospel singer, Lau Man Leung, from Hong Kong for a small gospel songs sharing evening. Praise the Lord that 3 friends accepted Christ! With different other small group activities, we were able to bring a total of 11 friends to Christ over the last several months. To our co-workers and volunteers this is a huge encouragement and a powerful driving force as we move forward. Besides the Emotional Advisory Service started several months ago, we have added a more musical theory based guitar learning small group and Japanese interest group. To boost initiative and flexibility in spreading the gospel, our center has recently formed an outreach visitation small group. Our targets are the senior apartments or nursing home residents in the neighborhood. Currently we are contacting these organizations; please pray for early implementation so we can get started. For this year’s preview, we pray that the Lord will call more gifted brothers and sisters to commit to this ministry, so that we can expand our service area to serve more non- Christian kinsmen.

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