CCM Prayer News (November-December 2017)

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Lydia Kam with two co-workers at their baptism
Houston Gospel Center – Citizenship Exam/Interview Class
Distributing food at the disaster area
Distributing raincoats and tarpaulins at the disaster area
Chinese Today is your good helper

Foreign Missions - Missionaries’ News: Lydia Kam(Macau)

Currently there are 180,000 foreign laborers from all over the world. They left behind their hometowns and families to pursue a better life in Macau. The mission parent church seeing the needs of this broad harvest field, expanded the Workers’ Gospel Ministry three years ago, to help these laborers find a warm and loving home in Christ. The workers we have contacted so far are waiters and waitresses. Due to their rotating schedules, it is difficult for them to attend regular church meetings. We arrange our weekly Bible studies to accommodate different work schedules to help their spiritual life continue to grow. We also use WeChat to send spiritual messages.

Home Missions - Houston CCM Gospel Center

By the abundant grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the center has become a gospel messenger, blessing many local Chinese. Our main activities are Citizenship classes, English classes, Bible study classes, Personal Evangelism and Interest Groups. Through these activities and teachers’ testimonies, students come to know God. Some have accepted Christ to be their personal Savior, baptized and joined the church. We thank a volunteer who has designed a website to effectively pass on our information. Thank God that our center was not affected by hurricane, but many of our volunteers have become victims. May God have mercy on them and help the affected families to rebuild their homes as soon as possible. CCM General Secretary, Rev. Samuel Chiang, and missionary Zien came to visit in September. They went to several churches to deliver sermons and sharing.

China Ministry

On August 8, 2017 a 7.0 earthquake occurred in Aba Jiuzhaigou County in northern Sichuan Province. More than 20 people were killed and over 500 people injured, 6 people lost contact, 176,492 people were impacted, and 73,671 houses were damaged. Our missionaries visited several villages after the quake, and finally chose to serve in Zhangzha town Upper Sizhai village, which has about 300 households with a population of 1,200. We visited door to door to assess their needs. We brought them some daily necessities, drinking water, instant noodles, pots, basins, kitchen supplies, vegetables, and raincoats. Winter is around the corner, we plan to give them some winter, clothes and blankets. Pray that God will use these supplies as His blessings to them, so we can build a relationship and bring the gospel to them.

Literature Ministries – Chinese Today, your good helper

A few days ago, a co-worker said a new friend came to their church recently. Originally he has no good impression of Christianity, but because a friend had sent him Chinese Today occasionally he picked it up to read. After he had been reading it for several years, he was moved to visit the church. This reminded me of a video sent by a friend just recently about a female gang leader in Europe. Due to various reasons, she repented and accepted Christ. An important part of the story was that a local church had sent Chinese Today to her in prison. Praise the Lord for using CCM’s periodicals. We hope that when you are sharing the gospel, you will take Chinese Today with you as your good helper.

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