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San Francisco Gospel Center
8-14 Ross Alley
San Francisco, CA 94108
T: 415-398-5457
F: 415-398-7420
Ministries (Mainly in Cantonese):
  • Evangelism: Includes English classes, citizenship class, computer class, interest class, Bible studies, evangelical tea time gathering, free blood pressure measurement, and community services, Chinese New Year Carnival booth in Chinatown, various evangelical and medical seminars.
  • Outreach: Distribute Chinese Today monthly and Gospel tracts, personal evangelism, and family visitation.
  • Training ministries: The Practical Personal Evangelistic Training course in Cantonese is held from January to April every year.
  • The Resource Center: Over 2500 cassette tapes, 400 CDs, 800 DVDs and over 1,400 books for loan to members without charge.
  • Short-term missions: Organize short-term mission team each year to visit Vancouver, Seattle, San Diego, or Hawaii. Also open the center to be the short-term mission field for a month each year.
  • Food Bank ministry: Distribute government provided food to the low-income new immigrants; a weekly average of 350 people come to register and receive the food. We also follow up on them through home visitation.

Seattle Gospel Center
606 Maynard Ave. S. #101
Seattle, WA 98104
T: 206-624-0988
F: 206-624-0988
Ministries (Cantonese and Mandarin):
  • Evangelism: Including English classes, Mandarin conversation class, citizenship class, Bible study, Bible Morality Chinese class, summer Morality Chinese class, Chinese Pingyin class, evangelical Cantonese Opera Fellowship, Footlok Fellowship, elders exercise, evangelical movie shows, various seminars, artist evangelical meetings, community services, annual display booth in “Seattle Summer day in Chinatown”, outdoor united evangelical meeting, and personal evangelical training.
  • Outreach: Distribute Chinese Today monthly and Gospel tracts, personal evangelism, and family visitation. Publishes “The Center” quarterly.
  • The Resource Center: Over 1200 cassette tapes, 350 video tapes, 600 CDs & DVDs for loan to members without charge.

Hawaii Gospel Center
100 N. Beretania St. #168A
Honolulu, HI 96817
T: 808-545-5122
F: 808-545-5122
Ministries (Cantonese and Mandarin):
  • Evangelism: Including computer class, English class, citizenship class, interest class, Chinese Pingyin & typing class, summer children bible school, Bible study and tea time gathering in both Mandarin and Cantonese, “Beautiful Life” gathering for women, free blood pressure measurement, free medical services and consultation, cancer patient fellowship and various community services. Publishes “Rainbow Communication” bi-monthly.
  • Serving Churches: Joint with churches in organizing evangelistic, revival, and other meetings. Host visiting short-term mission teams.

South Bay CCM Gospel Center
10975 N. Wolfe Rd #201A
Cupertino, CA 95014
T: 408-996-9220
F: 408-996-9219
Evangelism through Community Services:

Bible classes, Multi-level English classes, Citizenship, Computer, Job Skills, Calculus, Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Flower Arrangement, Keyboard, Exercise, Medical Seminars, Musical Evangelistic Events, Consultations, etc.

Houston Gospel Center
Houston Gospel Center
Suite 136, Dynasty Plaza
9600 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77036
T: 713-401-4646
Evangelism: (Mainly in Mandarin)

Including English class, conversation class, citizenship class, interest class, Computer class, Bible study, various seminars, evangelical movie shows, free blood pressure measurement, and community services.

Milpitas Gospel Center
Milpitas Gospel Center
548 Barber Lane
Milpitas, CA 95035
T: 408-954-0888
In response to the needs of the community, the Center offers various classes and services. Besides classes in English, citizenship, and computer, and services in filling out forms and English letter interpretation, the Center also offers some welcomed special classes in Chinese painting, floral arrangement, knitting, children Chinese, cosmetic, guitar, smart phone, car and appliance maintenance, cooking, Cantonese opera, and evangelistic Bible study.
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